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Jonesboro, GA – A Golf Cart Friendly Community

Jonesboro, GA- A Golf Cart Friendly Community

If you live in Jonesboro and have some errands to run locally, why not do so by golf cart?  Jonesboro, GA is a golf-cart friendly community.

Jonesboro residents can drive golf carts on any street in the city except for Tara Boulevard, Turner Road, Stockbridge Road and all areas north of Hwy 138, according to an ordinance passed last October which updated a previous law.

With the nearest golf course – Lake Spivey Golf Club – five miles away, why would Jonesboro officials want golf carts rolling through the county seat?

Golf carts fit snugly into the city’s vision of becoming a destination city. The town of 4,800 residents is in the midst of a five-to-10-year plan to create a small town with big-city amenities such as restaurants, entertainment, and historical venues.

“We’re creating a destination nestled in the heart of Clayton County. In creating this destination, you have to focus on all of the different modes (of transportation),” City Manager Ricky Clark said. “We don’t want our residents to travel north to get various amenities, and because of the small-town feel, we want them to get around freely. So within this destination, therein lies golf carts.”

The city currently has ten registered golf carts. To encourage more people to use golf carts, city officials purchased one for City Hall.

“There was no way to encourage our residents to buy golf carts if city officials weren’t using them,” said Clark who uses the city golf cart to take people on tours of Jonesboro.

Jonesboro, GA - A Golf Cart Friendly Community

Beyond being a golf-cart friendly community, golf carts are economical to use and fun to drive.

One avid golf cart user is Mayor Joy Day, who has her own cart. “I love mine,” she said. “I use it all the time.”

In order to drive a golf cart in Jonesboro, GA, you must possess a valid driver’s license.  Golf cart owners who live in Jonesboro pay $20 for a permit while non-residents pay $30. Individuals over the age of 65 receive a 50 percent discount.

To learn more about the ordinance, click here.


Pictured Above:  Demetrius Houston enjoying golf cart ride in Jonesboro, GA





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