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Live, Work and Thrive in Clayton

Altimese Dees, Publisher, Come Home To Clayton

My husband and I moved from Atlanta to Clayton County 24 years ago when we got married.  We were young in our early 20’s, eager to spread our wings and ready to start living our new lives together.  Needless to say, a lot has happened in those 24 years!  We purchased a few homes in Clayton…we gave birth to two boys…we supported our church…we supported our schools…we changed jobs…we became entrepreneurs, then the Great Depression of 2008 occurred.  We prayed…we voted…and we are continuing the process of re-building.

I am thankful for the support system that Clayton County has provided us all these years.  Clayton has a lot of great people and friendly neighbors that make it truly special.  I can’t think of any other place that I would rather live.  So here I am committed, sharing with you a piece of my heart through this new Ezine, Come Home To Clayton. This community has a lot of advantages and stories that have never been told. Through writers, photographers, videographers, creatives and techies, I hope to energize you to the Clayton County community that I know and love. I pray that it will improve the quality of your life in some way, and in return, you will engage and subscribe to this online publication. Community is the language of love.  Join the movement today to help build a more inspired Clayton County, as we Live, Work and Thrive!


Altimese L. Dees

Publisher, Come Home To Clayton

Broker/ Owner, The Real Estate Gallery of Georgia, Realtors



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Altimese Dees founded The Real Estate Gallery of Georgia, LLC., in 2008 out of a passion and commitment to providing real estate representation to buyers, sellers, property owners, investors, builders, corporations and governments. Altimese is the publisher of If you are in the market to buy or sell a home or office in Georgia, please contact Altimese Dees, Broker/Owner, The Real Estate Gallery of Georgia; Direct: 678-644-1712; Email:; Web: and

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