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The Power of Art to Transform Clayton

Jesse Fuller mural in downtown Jonesboro, GA

From the Publisher…

It’s amazing how art can take us on a journey. Just stare at it for a while… It makes us forget about what’s going on right now and it seduces us to enter the mind of the artist. Through drawings, illustrations, strokes, symmetry, and color, the artist walks us through his imagination and communicates this compelling story… It could be his hope for a better tomorrow or a tale of what happened in yesteryear. His heart is crying, revealing something unique. Whatever the message the artist seeks to convey, we are captured, even if only for a moment. Just a moment, that’s all we need. We can see the world through a lens different from our own and it inspires us to create our own masterpiece. If we can visualize it, we can achieve it. Aah! Art has the power to change the world!

In February, Come Home to Clayton will look at art and its influence on our community. Get comfortable, get a cup of tea and take a few minutes to read my article on Arts Clayton. Let me know what you think. Also, let me know what kind of art you’d like to see in Clayton. Drop me a line at

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Pictured:  Mural in downtown Jonesboro by Shannon Lake projects



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