10 Reasons to Shop Local

Southlake Mall in Clayton County, Georgia

We all know it’s important to support businesses in Clayton County, GA, but why? Communities have been built on the backs of independent businesses. There has been a host of risk-taking individuals who has stepped away from the traditional American workplace and helped shape the communities around them. If you want to support your local community, start by supporting local businesses.

1. What Happens in the Community, Stays in the Community

Money spent locally stays in the community. Did you know every dollar spent at an independent business contributes three (3) times more money into the local economy compared to money spent at a chain? Yes, it does.  So support your local economy and shop at the mom and pop in town.

2. Character

Independent businesses have a level of character not found in big box stores. This, in turn, gives the community the business that it thrives with distinctive character as well.

3. Roots Mean Respect

Local business owners have roots in the community, just like you. Independent business owners tend to make decisions with their community in mind. Decisions that help to shape the local environment.

4. Local Jobs

Locally-owned businesses create more jobs in the community since they often use other local businesses such as printers, real estate firms, accountants, lawyers, drycleaners, etc.

5. Community Involvement

Many independent business owners give back to their community and donate to local causes. Is there a local cause that you support? I bet you’ll find a number of business owners in town that have made donations to the cause. Supporting them helps them support the local causes you are passionate about.

6. Local Business is Environmentally Friendly

Really? Yes! Local businesses create vibrant town centers that connect neighbors. Walkable town centers filled with local stores and shops. This leads to less cars. Less traffic means less air and water pollution.

7. Diversity

Small business owners sell or produce products based on their own interests. In many cases, these products are based on the needs of the community. Big business chains? They’re only focused on a national sales plan.

8. Better Customer Service

Small business owners are more likely to go above and beyond for their customers because they are personally invested in their business. Reputation and quality are very important to a small business owner.

9. Better Prices

Big box stores do not control the pricing of their products. They sell products at a suggested rate based on MSRP. Locally owned businesses are more flexible when it comes to pricing their products.

10. Entrepreneurs are Awesome

How does a community thrive? When individuals leave low paying jobs and achieve prosperity as an entrepreneur. Supporting someone who is striving to succeed on their own helps support entrepreneurship while encouraging others to follow in their footsteps.

Source: Article reprinted with permission, courtesy of Erin Sweeney




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