5 Reasons to Do Business in Clayton County, GA

Mt. Zion Business District in Clayton County, GA

If there is one thing small-business owners love more than high volume – it is repeat customers who share their experience with friends and family. In today’s era of social media and 24-hour connectivity – having good word-of-mouth is more important than ever.  That’s just one of the advantages of doing business in Clayton. As an area with tremendous ground-floor potential and a connected, hardworking population looking for new amenities, Clayton County is perfectly staged for small and large businesses! Here are five reasons to consider setting up shop here:

1. Lower Costs

Big cities cost money. Permitting, leases, insurance, and taxes to pay for the higher cost of public services – it all adds up. Locating next door to Atlanta, in Clayton County, means less outlay in all these areas. Lowering your overhead means more money going directly to your bottom line.

Clayton County is working hard to attract new employers and amenities by offering full economic development services that keep business costs low – so it makes even more sense to set up shop in Clayton.

If you are a start-up, a 2015 analysis from NerdWallet found locating in smaller markets is more conducive to success. In Clayton County, you get those advantages while operating immediately adjacent to Atlanta.

2. Location, Location, Location

Clayton County is directly connected to Atlanta, the region, and even the entire world, which means your expansion opportunities are limitless. We host Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, one of the nation’s most robust economic engines, and an aggressive airport development team – Aerotropolis Atlanta – to go along with it.

Three major interstate highways crisscross Clayton County, MARTA bus service and it’s plans to extend commuter rail our way – making the flow of people, ideas and economic activity much easier.

Our available land, recreation areas, large single-family homes, and multi-family residential options offer something for everyone, and the award-winning Clayton County Water and Clayton County Fire and Emergency Services care for our health and safety. Best of all, Clayton County’s current affordability means now is an excellent time to get established and grow with us!

3. You’ll Stand Out

In a big city, you put a lot of time and expense into differentiating yourself from the competition. But those costs are reduced in Clayton County – you face less competition and start with a customer base enthusiastic about welcoming new, innovative products and services. By locating away from oversaturated, expensive urban markets, you have a chance to experiment with your business model to address local tastes and needs – growing your brand and earning a reputation among your customers.

Clayton County residents are yearning for closer-to-home amenities such as fine-dining, bistros, natural and organic supermarkets, bakeries, boutiques, and specialty stores. Our connected community means you are likely to pick up word-of-mouth business at lightning speed. You’ll have a loyal customer base that also helps attract new business.

Smaller doesn’t mean tiny – Clayton County is home to hundreds of thousands of consumers. You will never run out of room to grow!

4. Empowered to Be Your Best

In Clayton, you are immediately part of the greater community. Do your best and offer the best! Offering good customer service is imperative. You will know your neighbors, be on a first-name basis with your customers and service providers, and have your ear to the ground about local events and community concerns.

You will find opportunities thru the Clayton Chamber to not only connect and grow your business, but also do all the personally enriching things that make being in business so much more than operating a storefront or making sales.

5. Reliable, ready workforce

Clayton County workers are ambitious and hard working. Our unemployment rate is slightly above the national average. For this reason, our residents are willing to make long commutes and put in extra hours to travel and work outside of their home area.

You will find a ready workforce that would love the opportunity to work closer to home and to join you in making Clayton County even better. Local workers bring local knowledge and local connections that can help you get off to a strong start, building your customer base quickly.

Professional development is also readily available for your employees – we are the proud home of Clayton State University.


We love lists but we’re going to stop right here – and just quickly mention the mild winters, improving schools, inspired community leadership and welcoming spirit that are also part of Clayton County’s promise. You will have to come and see for yourself! Find out all Clayton County has in store for your business.


Here are some resources to get you on your way:

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