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Coffee Culture Expands to Clayton County

Clayton Coffee

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Lately, I have been spending a lot of time in coffee shops…Have you?  These impromptu spots have become my second office.  After taking a minute to sip on my favorite cup of green tea, I like to power-up my laptop and get to work.  I get my best ideas amidst eclectic ambiance, soft music, and the smell of mocha.

People moving into an area like to know that there are coffee shops nearby for those early morning cups or late afternoon meetings.  Coffee shops or cafés have become a community gathering place where patrons meet and interact, friendships form and business deals cut.  Neighbors come to get out of their home or office, and they leave feeling less stressed and more inspired.

Coffee shops create an atmosphere for business and pleasure. I envision a coffee culture in Clayton that embraces poetry nights, business after hours, jazz wind-downs, and Social Sundays.  The possibilities are endless…

Coffee Culture Expands to Clayton

Fig Tree, Jonesboro

Studies show that coffee shops also spark neighborhood revitalization and bring new development projects to an area, which excites me even more!  If you’re ready to talk about Clayton real estate and development, let’s chat over coffee.  I would love to know what you’re working on and discuss ways we can work together.

In this edition of Come Home To Clayton, check out our featured articles:  Coffee Shops Revive Business and Community in Clayton, and Meet Carrie Webb, our featured employee/resident of the month.  In closing, I’d like to propose a toast to the newest coffee house additions to the Clayton County family.  May you grow and prosper as Clayton continues to grow and prosper.  Thank you for showing the love!

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Pictured Above:  Community plaque displayed in Starbucks, Jonesboro



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