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Clayton Neighbors Organize to Create a Safer Community

Clayton Residents Organize Neighborhood Watch

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Clayton County is one of the smallest counties in Georgia. I like that because we’re becoming close-knit – a town with concerned neighbors who are letting their voices be heard and striving to make a better tomorrow.

As neighbors, what would happen if we reported each instance of crime, or the appearance thereof, to the police and direct cases of littering and unsightly conditions to code enforcement?

Our communities would continue to evolve into more vibrant and safe places, where people are walking, children are playing, developers are building, and property values are soaring!  We would strengthen our law enforcement in every way.

For these reasons, residents throughout Clayton have formed neighborhood watch programs in their communities. Thanks to our beloved law enforcement officers, in collaboration with neighborhood watch groups, Clayton residents can feel safe.

This month, Come Home To Clayton applauds the efforts of public safety officials and neighbors who work in collaboration to improve our neighborhoods.  Click here to read the article about Clayton County Neighborhood Watch.

If you are a Clayton resident, I encourage you to become apart of your neighborhood watch so that you can do your part to strengthen our community.  Let’s stand together in unity and collaborate with law enforcement to create a safer Clayton.

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Pictured:  Chief of Police, Kevin Roberts, addresses concerned residents about neighborhood watch programs




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