Clayton County’s Water the Best on Tap

Clayton County Fresh Water

Clayton County has some of the best water in the state.  So good, it wins awards year-after-year because of the Clayton County Water Authority’s innovative recycling methods.

Using constructed treatment wetlands to reclaim water, the Authority has developed a sustainable water supply that captures 80 percent of the wastewater collected and treats it with ultra-advanced systems to remove impurities.

Water professionals are taking notice.

Clayton County has the distinction of being named one of the Top Water Wise Communities in the U.S.  Visitors from throughout the U.S. and as far away as Australia, Asia, Mexico and Canada have come to Clayton to see how the reclamation process works in hopes of implementing similar sustainability practices back home.

The Water Authority provides water from the Flint River and Pates Creek to thousands of customers in Clayton and the county’s six cities – Forest Park, Jonesboro, Lake City, Lovejoy, Morrow and Riverdale.  Without a recycling system, the county would likely face a drought most summers because the water sources don’t produce enough of a supply to meet the demand.

Every year, Clayton County wins numerous industry awards and recognition for the way it produces and recycles water.  This year was no exception.  The Georgia Association of Water Professionals gave the Authority the following awards in 2018:

  • Northeast Water Reclamation Facility, 2018 Wastewater Plant of the Year for Advanced Treatment;
  • J. Hooper Water Treatment Plant, Certificate of Achievement for Best Operated Water Plant in Surface Water; and
  • Platinum Awards for 100 percent compliance for all of Clayton County’s water production plants and reclamation facilities.

The next time you think your money is going down the drain, rest assured that the Clayton County Water Authority is putting it to good use.  So relax, and have a glass of water.  It’s the best around.



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